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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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82                            IDEAL HOME LIFE
The Feather-Catch
Ask one of your audience to stand upon a chair, and then tell him you will bring him "down upon a feather."
When some one has taken up his position on a chair, pretend to examine carefully the best methods of lifting him, then when every one's curiosity is aroused, produce a feather, point to the down, and say, " See, I have brought you down upon a feather."
The Nut-Catch
Tell your audience you will show them that which neither they nor any one else ever saw before, and which no one will ever see again. After every one has tried to guess what this can be, produce a nut from your pocket, crack it, show the kernel, and ask if any one has ever seen it before; then eat the kernel, and ask if any one will ever see it again.
Clicking Pennies
Blindfold a person. Now take two pennies between the first finger and thumb of the right hand, insert the first finger of the left hand in such a way that when withdrawn the pennies will make a clicking sound. Make this sound in certain posi­tions and the blindfolded person will be unable to tell you from which direction it proceeds.
For instance, if the clicking noise is made at the side of the head the one who is blindfolded will probably be able to at once detect the position of the pennies.
But draw an imaginary line through the head as though it were to be cut in halves straight between the eyes and through nose and chin, then click the pennies at any point on this imaginary line and the person on whom the trick is played will probably guess wrongly at each attempt. He will think the clicking proceeds from the back of his head instead of the front.
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