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The solutions must be given to the person who is to guess the name, and from it they must find out the Diamond Puzzle. It will be found that the central letters read downwards or horizontally will spell the name chosen, as in the "Robert Burns" puzzle.
Name Puzzles
(a)  Add an "1" to a lady's name, and your teeth will chatter as you sit beside her. What is her name?
(b)  What letter will make a lady fit for restraint ?
(c)  Which two will make a chatting lady very dull ?
(d)  Add one letter and remove another, and who becomes a beauty ?
(e)  Take two letters away, and what lady becomes very painful ? (f) Who shows bad behavior when half of her name is lost? (g) Take away her first letter, and place her last elsewhere, and
she remains what she was before. What is her name ? (h) Take away two letters from each end of a lady's name, and
you make a martyr of her. Who is she?
Halve the lady mentioned, and she becomes an inhabitant
of the desert. Her name, please ? (i) Add ourselves to the end of a lady's name, and she becomes a
village famous in Bible story. What is her name ? (;) Take away the three last letters from a lady's name, and
you make her a sacred song. What can it be ?
» Answers.
(a)  Alice—all ice.
(b)  Violet—violent.
(c)  Rose—proser.
(d)  Ellen—belle.
(e)  Rachel—ache. (J) Gertrude—rude. (g) Bertha—earth.
(h) Arabella—Abel—Arab. (t) Emma—Emmaus. (j) Caroline—carol.
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