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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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as stepping into his shoes? Because you make his feet yours (features).
Why may a beggar wear a very short coat ? Because it will be long enough before he gets another.
Which is the more valuable, a five-dollar note or five gold dollars ? The note, because when you put it in your pocket you double it, and when you take it out again you see it increases.
What is the difference between the Prince of Wales and the water in a fountain ? One is heir to the throne, the other thrown to the air.
Why is a pretty young lady like a wagon-wheel? Because she is surrounded by felloes (fellows).
When is it dangerous to enter a church? When there is a canon in the reading-desk, a great gun in the pulpit, and a bishop charges the congregation.
What is the most awkward time for a train to start? 12.50, as it's ten to one if you catch it.
Why can negroes be safely trusted with secrets? Because they are sure to keep dark.
Why is a camel a very pugnacious animal ? Because he always has his back up.
Which are the two smallest things mentioned in the Bible? The widow's mite and the wicked flee.
What is the difference between Niagara Falls and Queen Elizabeth ? One is a wonder, the other is a Tudor.
Why is it easy to break into an old man's house ? Because his gate (gait) is broken and his locks are few.
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