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If he is successful, the boy into whose cap the ball has fallen must pick it out and throw it at the other players, who in the meantime have run away. If he hits a player, that one loses an egg, and must then roll at the caps.
If a player, when rolling, fails to get the ball into a cap, he loses an egg, and another player takes the ball. The last player having an egg left in his cap wins the game. When a player's eggs are all gone, he is out of the game, and must leave, taking his cap with him. Instead of using caps, holes may be dug in the ground, but it is, of course, more difficult to get the ball into a cap.
Eighteen persons are necessary to play this game properly. The players, except two, arrange themselves in a ring, two deep, leaving enough space between two pairs to allow a person to dodge between easily. The two players who are out of the ring are called the "it" and the "outplayer." The game is for the "it" to try and touch the "outplayer," who can dodge in and out or round the ring, and when he is tired or wishes to, he can stand in front of one of the pairs inside the ring, the out­side member of which then becomes the "outplayer." If the "outplayer" is touched he becomes "it," and the previous " it" must take refuge in front of a pair, and so on.
The Three-legged Race
This race is run in couples, the right leg of one boy being tied tightly to the left leg of another at the thigh, knee, and ankle. The couple first passing the winning-post win. It often happens that those who dash off to be first topple over, which enables a slower and surer pair to win the race.
Touch Wood and Whistle
This is very similar to Tag, but any player, unless he is touching wood and whistling is liable to be "it." Very frequently in the excitement of the game a boy touches wood and forgets to whistle, but one is no good without the other.
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