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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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132                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
"Dicky, Show a Light!"
This game is a splendid one for a dark night; it is a kind of Hare and Hounds, in which the hare, called " Dicky,n shows a light to guide his hunters.
The player who takes the part of "Dicky" is provided with a dark lantern, and is allowed a few minutes' start. The hunters then go after him, and they also carry a lantern, the light of which they must show the whole time, while "Dicky" need only show his light about once every two minutes. If the hunters get quite astray, and "Dicky" is too long showing his whereabouts, they cry; "Dicky, show a light!" He must then flash the light in their direction.
A good " Dicky" never keeps the hunters too long without a light, but dodges round the party like a will-o'-the-wisp, first here, then there, making the most of his two minutes to get to the other side of a hedge or fence, or right round the party in an opposite direction. It is a good idea to fix upon some boundary beyond which " Dicky" may not go; he has such advantages over the other players that if he can wander wherever he likes there rs little chance of his being caught.
The Peg-Gathering Race
A number of rows of pegs are driven lightly into the ground, one row for each player, sufficient room being left between the rows for a person to run up and down. A basket Basket. Basket. is placed at the end of each row, as in the diagram, o O the players standing at the opposite end. At the word " Go," the players rush to peg i, pull it from the ground, carry it to the basket and drop it in, then run back to peg 2, and so on, carrying each peg separately to the basket. The player who first puts all his pegs into the basket, and then gets back to the place he started from, wins the race. * *
Stones or potatoes may be placed on the ground ayer Player and used instead of pegs if these are difficult to obtain.
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