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Hare and Hounds
Hare and Hounds is a good country game. Two boys, who should be not necessarily the best runners, but the liveliest dodgers of the party, represent the "Hares," and the remainder are the "Hounds." The hares carry with them bags full of paper torn up in very small pieces, which they scatter behind them as they run, to act as scent. By this the hounds track and endeavor to capture them. The hares, of course, try to mis­lead them by all sorts of doublings and twistings, or by going over difficult country. The hares are not allowed, by the rules, to make false starts at any part of the run, or to separate and lay two scents. They are considered caught if the scent gives out.
The hounds will find a little discipline a wonderful help to them in baffling the tricks of the hares. A captain and whipper-in should be chosen, the former to lead, the latter to look after the stragglers if there happen to be any. So long as the scent is strong the whole pack simply follow the captain, keeping well together, but when he is not sure of his way, he blows the whistle which he carries, and the pack halt. The whipper-in stands at the last point at which the scent can be seen, holding a handkerchief in his hand. The pack run round and examine the ground to find the lost scent. The moment they find it the captain blows his whistle and they go off again.
Hockey or Shinney
The game is usually played by twenty-two players, eleven on each side. Five play as forwards, three as half-backs, two as backs and the eleventh as goal-keeper. The ball is an ordinary cricket ball painted white.
The ground is rectangular in form, the sides measuring ioo yards and fifty'yards. The long sides are termed side lines, the short sides " goal lines." The goals are formed by two upright poles, twelve feet apart, with a horizontal bar seven feet from
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