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* manage this they can all hide again, if not the one caught must
become Seeker.
In this game the players take turns to hit a ball with the hand above a line marked on a wall; sometimes bats are sub­stituted for the hand.
That is the simple game of fives; but the more complicated kind is played in a court.
There are two kinds of courts, the Eton court and the Rugby court.
In both courts the players try to hit the ball above a line about three or four feet from the ground or ledge on the front wall in such a way as to prevent their opponents hitting it back again over the line before it has touched the ground for the second time.
The game begins by one of the players "serving" the ball by striking it against the wall and making it fall into the side of the court where his adversary is. The latter returns it and the game goes on until one of the players misses the ball, or else fails to strike it above the line. The miss counts a point for the adversary. The game consists of fifteen points; but the rules vary according to the different courts in which they are played.
Shoes without nails must be worn for this game.
The best method of shooting a marble is the following: Bend the thumb at the first joint and'grasp it firmly with the middle finger. Place the marble above the thumb and hold it in position with the first finger, then suddenly, having taken good aim, let fly the thumb and the marble will be shot forward with considerable force.
The bridge consists of a narrow piece of board in which nine arches have been cut.
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