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straight in, any that rebound into it from striking against another marble do not count.
Then the next player takes the remainder of the marbles and tries his luck, then the third, fourth, and so on. When the marbles are all used up, or very much reduced in numbers, a fresh supply must be subscribed for, so that every player may try his luck.
Teetotum Shot
This game is very much liked by boys. A teetotum is set spinning and for the privilege of shooting at this each player must pay the one in charge of the teetotum one marble. If the shot hits the teetotum the number uppermost on it when it falls shows the number of marbles which the one in charge must pay the successful player.
Bounce About
This game is to be played by two, three or four players, never more. Each player must know his own marble or " bouncer." The first player throws down his " bouncer," No. 2 pitches his "bouncer" at No. i's. If he hits, No. 1 must pay him a marble; not the one struck, as it carries a distinctive mark on it and must remain on the ground; No. 3 then tries, and then No. 4. No. 1 then picks up his "bouncer" and tries his luck, and so on.
When there are two or three "bouncers" on the ground the owner of the one struck must pay.
Eggs in the Bush
This is not a game of skill, but merely a guessing game. Each player in turn holds the "eggs." He may have one or half a dozen marbles, if he can hold them, and the opponents guess in turn how many "eggs" he holds.
Those who have guessed correctly can claim the number of marbles from the egg holder; those who guess incorrectly must pay the difference in the numbers. For instance, if anyone says "two," and the holder has "three," he must pay the holder one.
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