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second leaps over, and makes a back a few feet farther on, the first one still remaining down. The third player goes over first one and then the other, forming another bacfy in the same manner as the second, and so on until all the line are down. Then the boy who made the first back starts again, and leaps each of the backs and makes another back at the end, the next player does the same, and thus a continually advancing line of backs is formed.
If the players are anxious to get over the ground quickly they can run a dozen yards or so before "going down." The whole fun of the game lies in its being played smartly and with spirit.
In this game a leader and a boy to make first back are chosen. The leader does some trick as he leaps the back, which the other players must exactly follow; any player making a mistake takes the place of the one who is giving the back.
The variations are almost numberless, but one or two may be mentioned. For instance, to fly the back with the left hand only, or to place a cap on the back as you leap and pick it off before touching the ground.
The back as soon as released takes the place of the leader, who becomes second player.
Tom Tiddler's Ground
A line is drawn to separate Tom Tiddler's Ground from the rest of the playground or field. Tom Tiddler takes up his position in this space and tries to touch anyone who intrudes upon it. Any player he touches becomes a prisoner and must stand behind Tom Tiddler until a comrade comes to rescue him. To release the prisoner, the rescuer must touch him without being previously touched by Tom; if, however, Tom touches the rescuer first, he also becomes a prisoner. The whole spirit of the game lies in there being plenty of invaders, and in the prisoners being rescued quickly.
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