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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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152                           IDEAL HOME LIFE
when hard pressed may bend in' various directions or even lie down.
Rabbit's Nest
All but two of the players form groups consisting of three or four in a circle with hands joined and with a player in­side the circle. These groups are scattered over the play­ground. The circles are nests and the players inside the circles are rabbits. Of the two remaining players, one is a rabbit and the other the farmer's dog. The playground is an orchard and the rabbits have gnawed the bark on the trees till the farmer has decided to send his dog to catch them. At a signal, the dog starts in pursuit of the rabbit which has no nest. The rabbit thus pursued may, when he finds himself hard pressed, enter a "nest" (circle) and then the rabbit in that nest must leave it. This rabbit may in his turn enter a nest and displace a rabbit. When the dog catches a rabbit, the rabbit becomes the dog and the dog the rabbit.
In order that those forming the nests may also take part in the running, it may, for instance, be stipulated that when a rabbit has been caught, the rabbit in each nest shall change places with one of the players forming the nest.
Snatch the Bean Bag
The players are divided into two equal groups in the usual way. Two parallel lines are drawn on the ground about fifty feet apart. At a point half way between these lines a flat-topped stake is driven into the ground and on top of it a bean bag is placed.
Each group of players is lined up behind one of the parallel lines so that the first player in one group faces the first player in the other group with the bean bag on the stake between them. At a signal the first player in each group runs out and tries to get the bean bag and return with it to the goal line be­fore being tagged by his opponent. A player who succeeds in doing this makes his opponent a prisoner. A player who is tagged after he secures the bean bag and before he reaches
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