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may dodge about but may not move his feet. If a rider is hit by the ball, the horses become riders and the riders horses. ' If not, the game goes on without change as to horses and riders.
Last Couple Out
Players form in couples. The couples stand one behind the other and face in the same direction. An odd player (the catcher) stands ten feet or more ahead of the first couple and faces in the same direction as the couples. The catcher cries, "Last couple out!" and at this signal the couple farthest back run forward, the one at the right on the right-hand side and the one at the left on the left-hand side of the file of couples. It is their object to clasp hands in front of the catcher before the latter can tag either of them. The catcher may not look around after he gives the signal for the couple to run and he must wait till a player is abreast of him before giving chase.
If one member of the couple is tagged by the catcher, he joins the latter to form a couple and the one not tagged be­comes the catcher. The new couple takes its place at the head of the line, which moves backward one space to make room for it. If the members of the last couple out succeed in joining hands before either one is tagged, they take up a position at the head of the line or are free (out of the game) as may beforehand be decided upon.
Advancing Statues
The object of this game is to teach children alertness and self-control.
The children stand on a line about thirty feet from the teacher or some older pupil who acts as leader. When the leader faces them they are to remain motionless as statues, but when his back is turned they may advance. By turning unex­pectedly at irregular intervals the leader seeks to catch the children in motion. A child detected in motion must go back to the line and start over again. The child first crossing the line on which the teacher stands is the winner.
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