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names and ages have been noted, and then cries "Go!" until, in this way, all the competitors have been fairly started.
The course consists of two laps—that is to say, the entire circle of* obstacles must be negotiated tunce; and it is only after the second time of passing through the barrel that each com­petitor makes for the winning-tape, which is held taut and breast high to receive each runner in true professional style.
The obstacle race in full swing is a most exciting spectacle —two children are struggling underneath the rug tunnel, one is balanced on the ladder, which is not nearly so easy to run as it looks at first sight. The tight-rope is bouncing and threat­ening to throw the big boy and girl who are balanced at either end of it at any moment—luckily the drop is not a high one, a foot or so at most. A big boy lies in the middle of the tape tangle, laughing helplessly where he tripped up, and five or six competitors are scrambling over the table, one or two of whom slide over it to land upon their heads, while a line of several frenzied and shouting children are crouched down behind the barrel, which twists and wriggles as if possessed, while four arms and legs fitfully emerge from either end, denoting that the block has been caused by two very slim, six-year-old boys, who just managed to dash into one end of it together, and then got jammed and unable to move either way. A good pull from a "grown-up" finally releases them, and ofT they dart, none the worse, round the course for the second time.
How to Play Flags
Any number of players from three to six a side can take part, and the only accessories actually required are two large white pocket-handkerchiefs—to represent flags—and a dozen medium-sized stones or pebbles.
To begin the game, the players choose sides, and divide the lawn into two camps, separated by a boundary line.
Each party has a flag and six stones (or soldiers) to place upon it.
The flag is placed at the extreme back of the camp, at the part farthest away from the boundary line, and behind this
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