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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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her. Then she ran forward, crying out, "Why, Anne Went-worth—to think of finding you here!"
"To think of finding you here, Laura Haven! Where did you drop from!" cried the other. The two were holding each other's hands and looking into each other's faces with eyes full of glad surprise.
"I ? I didn't drop—I climbed—up the steps from the land­ing," said Laura. "I was out on the bay in my canoe—we came up yesterday in the yacht. I heard that beautiful Indian call, and I just had to find out where it came from, and what it meant. I suspected a girls' camp, but of course I never dreamed of finding you here. Do tell me all about it. It is a camp, isn't it?"
"Yes, we are Camp Fire Girls," Anne Wentworth replied. She glanced behind her, but the others had disappeared. "They vanished for fear they might be in the way," she said. "I'm so glad you're here, Laura, for this is the night for our Council Fire. You can stay, can't you—I'm sure you would be interested."
"Stay—how long? It's after sunset now."
"Oh, stay all night with me, and all day to-morrow! You must stay to the Council Fire to-night, anyhow."
"I'd like to stay, but father won't know where I am." Laura's voice was full of regret.
"Why can't you go back and tell him? I'll go with you," Anne suggested.
"Will there be time before your Council Fire?"
"Yes, if we hurry—wait one minute." Anne called to the nearest girl, gave her a brief message, and turned again to her friend. "Come on, we've no time to lose, but I know how you can make a canoe fly," she said, and hand in hand the two went scurrying through the grove and down to *he landing. Then, while the canoe swept swiftly over the water, Anne Went­worth answered the eager questions of her friend.
"It's a new organization—the Camp Fire Girls," she ex­plained. "It is something like the Boy Scouts, only better suited for girls. It aims to help them to be healthy, useful, trustworthy, and happy. Health—work—love—as shown in
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