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the unanimous opinion of all experienced aquarists. Globes are often purchased by the inexperienced because of their cheapness, but they give the specimens a very badly distorted appearance, and, what is much worse, the constricted top affords but small surface area for exchange of gases with the air. Furthermore, the constriction of the top makes it almost impossible to clean the jar properly without emptying it, and this naturally disturbs the balance. The fact that a goldfish will live in a small globe, with or without a small floating branch of a water plant, is no excuse for keeping it in any but the most comfortable surroundings. Fishes in such globes —and how often we see them!—are compelled to go often to the surface and suck in bubbles of air to obtain enough oxygen to avoid asphyxiation. The slight additional cost iri securing the proper sort of a tank will be repaid many times in the satisfaction with which it may be managed.
To prevent the fish from jumping out of the tank, a cover of wire screen may be provided. As a rule, there is little danger of this unless the tank is filled close to the top, but some kinds of active fishes are much given to leaping out of the water.
For native animals in general the degrees of temperature is of comparatively small importance, provided that the water is not allowed to get too warm, as it will tend to do in summer if the direct rays of the sun are permitted to reach it for any length of time. Native fishes, as well as goldfishes and carp, will endure the colder temperatures so long as the water is not allowed to freeze, though the nearer the freezing point it approaches the more sluggish become their movements and the less food they will consume. The most satisfactory tem­perature is perhaps between the degrees of 50 and 70 Fahren­heit. It should be prevented from rising higher than 80 de­grees or from falling below 40, though there is much less danger from the lower temperatures than from the higher. Some exotic fishes from the tropics require a warm tempera­ture, and die when the water falls below 60. Young turtles
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