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A RAINY Saturday unprovided for brings the dampness and the storms indoors. An ancient reading book had a pretty story about "Sun­shine Factories." The gist of it was that, if you want to be certain of indoor cheer, you must manufacture the sunshine in advance, and have a stock on hand. Here are a few tried suggestions for brightening Saturdays for school children when they must stay in the house.
Costume Chest
Play "dress-up." This may involve nothing more than to try to look like grown-ups, or it may imply that you intend to engage in charades or amateur theatricals. Why not have a chest of shabby finery and worn-out dresses for the purpose?
"Some Silver Foil"
Children find play-possibilities in the most unlikely things. To them it seems that grown-ups, rather than they, are waste­ful. I found this stray verse the other day:—
The grown-ups are so strange and odd, I often think if I were God I'd put a stop to their affairs And never listen to their prayers.
They throw the dearest toys away; I search the baskets day by day, And find such charming little things, Pink blotting pads and curtain rings!
A lovely rag of blue chiffon;
A box of tin to put it on;
A rubber band, an old tin tray;
Some silver foil, all bright and gay.
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