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ing with school children and have learned what toys possess compelling interest and, what is of even greater importance, how to present the material in a form that will enable the boy to work out the project to a successful conclusion.
Your Work-Bench by f. p. reagle
Everyone who likes to make things or who likes to work with tools or machines should have a strong, firm work-bench on which to place hammer and saw and well equipped with a good vise, tool-rack and other appliances for assembling work or storing tools and materials. Such a work-bench can be made by any handy boy at a very small cost and with few tools.
Figure 1
Figure 1 shows this bench in a working drawing. The heavy working top of the bench is made of a piece of 2 x 12-inch planed hard pine, 48 inches long. The back part of the top is constructed of thinner wood 7/8-inch thick, so that a convenient tray is thus formed to hold a few nails, screws, or tools which the worker must have around during his en­deavors. The legs of the bench are made of 2 x 4-inch planed hard pine cut to the proper length to suit the worker. For the average boy this would be about 30 inches.
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