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HOME HANDICRAFT                           299
rather than have them separated as widely as shown in the drawing. The length of the string from the fork down and the position of attaching it will offer some chance of experi­mentation in getting the best results. Our ingenious boy can easily make a donkey, duck, or parrot patterned after this bird.
The Balancing Horse
The balancing horse shown in Figure 10, if properly made, seems to defy the laws of nature. After you succeed in get­ting him to work well, ask some of your scientific friends to explain the principles underlying his action. To make this natural freak, first cut from some thin piece of wood the model of the size desired. Remember that an easy way of enlarging these drawings has been given under the description of the first toys. The stiff wire which is attached to the body of the animal should have sufficient bend in it to clear the edge of the table or shelf on which he operates and should terminate in a lead weight heavy enough to obtain the result desired. This weight can be cast by pouring some hot lead in a hole bored in a piece of wood. By holding the end of the bent wire in the hole while pouring, the weight can be cast fast to it. Free the lead from the wood by splitting the wood away.
The operator may have trouble in making his horse stay on the table while doing his prancing stunt. To avoid this, cut a piece of tin and fasten it in a fine saw cut in the back leg.
To the boy experimenter the simple boat shown in Figure 11 will be most interesting. The motor boat with rubber band power should be cut to the desired size and shaped like the drawing. Considerable variation can be had by attaching cabin, a funnel made from a piece sawed at a rakish angle from a round stick, a wireless mast, etc.
The back of the boat is cut out U-shaped, as shown, and large enough to accommodate the four bladed paddle wheel. Large boats driven by paddle wheels in the stern are still used commercially in the United States. The paddle for this boat
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