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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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302                          IDEAL HOME LIFE
undershot, breast, or overshotódepending on where the cur≠rent or fall of water hits themóor Pelton and turbine wheels if a supply of water under high pressure is available as in most city and town water-mains.
Undershot Wheels
Three simple undershot wheels are shown in Figures 12, 13, 14. If made large scale, to be used in the current of a small stream of water, if such is available, the entire stream should be run through the sluiceway. If made of toy size, the water from a garden hose turned through the trough will suffice for power. The writer remembers one similar to Fig≠ure 15, set up in the current of a small stream of a relative's farm and hitched up to a pump by means of a long wire. Sketch at Figure 16 will explain this installation. The con-
Figure 15
struction of these three wheels should be apparent to our young engineer by this time, because of his ability to work from the drawings and pictures. The buckets in Figure 13 are made from small pieces of tin or copper cut out, bent, and nailed fast. In order to make them all alike, cut them to the same sized rectangles first, as at A. Now by making a bend≠ing "jig" as shown at B, and hammering them around the piece of Y^-inch round wood, this result will be obtained.
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