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and there was extra work to do. She was willing to do any­thing she could, and she was so trustworthy and did whatever work was given her so thoroughly, that she was called upon frequently to wait on the table, help wash dishes, take care of the children in the afternoon, amuse a convalescent child, or help get the children ready for school some morning when the mother didn't feel well. She earned quite a lot of money.
A Pet Guardian
In Chicago, a girl went among her friends, and offered to take care of their pets, while they were away on their sum­mer holiday. She looked after canaries, dogs, cats, goldfish— anything of the kind, and earned enough to take a pleasant trip herself when her work was over.
A Silver Cleaner
A young housekeeper in South Carolina has quite a list of families whose silver she cleans once a week. This is a task many housekeepers dislike, and they are glad to pay her 25 cents, or 50 cents if they have a large amount of silver, to get this disagreeable task done for them.
New Maids
Two clever boys in a small town in New York State made a careful study of vacuum cleaners. When these boys felt sure they understood vacuum cleaners, they induced their fathers to advance the money to buy a hand-power machine. Then, on Saturdays and in after-school hours, they started in to clean houses. I tell you the women of that town wel­comed these boys with open arms, for they and their machine meant no more sweeping and dusting, and women like to get rid of this work. The boys charged fifty cents an hour, and they soon had more work than they had time for. After business hours they cleaned some of the stores of the town, too, and thus filled up the time which housekeepers wouldn't want.
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