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condition, do not eat much meat. Confine your meat eating to one meal, as suggested in the foregoing schedule, and abso­lutely and resolutely refrain from anything between meals. Eat as little of sweets as it is possible to get along with. Do not eat candy at all, and what fruit and nuts you eat, make a part of one, or all, of your meals, and eat them as necessary food, not for the sake of stimulating the nerves of your palate.
Three meals a day are sufficient for any one, even a man doing heavy physical labor in the open air; and if your occupa­tion is indoors and largely sedentary, two will be found suffi­cient.
Let your meals be regular, and vary the vegetable portion of your diet as much as you can. With the great variety of vegetables, fruits, and nuts always in our markets, this is not only easy, but it can be done economically.
Where it is desired to go without meat, it can be easily clone, and perfect nutrition maintained, by merely substituting such food as eggs, cheese, beans, peas, or lentils in its place. Peanut butter and whole wheat bread also form a combination that, quantity for quantity, give more nutritive qualities than can be obtained from the richest meats.
The drinking of water is a very important part of the hygi­enic care of the body. Most persons do not realize the impor­tant part played by this fluid in the mechanism of the body, and constantly neglect to take a sufficient quantity of it. Drinking at meals should be avoided, as a little practice at proper mastication will demonstrate that no fluid is required as a part of the meal. Water at about the temperature it comes from the earth should be drunk freely, however, immediately after rising in the morning, and at intervals between the meals. Where the desire for it has been denied until the habit of going without it is fixed, a glass should be taken at regular intervals every day. Those who will adopt this method will be surprised at the beneficial effects that will follow.
Under ordinary conditions waste matter accumulates daily in the alimentary tract, and that part of one's body needs cleansing with water just as much as the outer skin.
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