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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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at the elbow as far as possible, and the elbow is raised until it is level with the shoulder. Return to the first position, and repeat twenty times with each arm
(Fig. 1).
Exercise 2
Grasp the bells firmly, heels together,
body erect. Let the arms bend at the
elbows and the bells
rest lightly against
Lesson I—Fig. 1.
the shoulders; then,
holding one arm in this position, thrust the other upward straight over the head, putting all the force into the movement you can (Fig. 2). Let that arm drop to the first position and thrust the other up; and so continue using the arms alternately, until the movement is repeated twenty times with each arm.
Exercise 3
Lesson I—Fig. 2.
Stand erect, with heels together,
grasp the bells with the arms bent as in Figure 3. Then straighten both arms
horizontally simulta­neously, at the sides, using all the force you can, returning quickly to the starting position. Repeat twenty times.
Lesson I—Fig. 3.
Exercise 4
Stand with the arms extended straight in front of the body, as in Figure 4. Support the weight of the left arm on the right at the wrist, and raise both to the
Lesson I—Fig. 4.
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