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A valuable and well-organized system for home education(homeschooling) 3 to 12 years.

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Exercise 2
Stand erect, with the heels together, the arms pointing straight down at the sides; then straighten the left leg, lifting the left foot from the floor, and bring the arms straight out in
front of the body, al­lowing the right knee to bend and the body to sink down as far
Lesson II—Fig.
as it is possible to
recover the erect po­sition from (Fig. 3). Repeat on each leg until tired.
Exercise 3
Stand erect, with the arms hanging naturally at the sides. Stoop a little forward, exhaling all the air possible from the
lungs; then with great force swing the
bells upward, turning the thumbs out­ward, bending the head and body back­ward, as in Figure 4, and taking a quick, deep breath as the movement is made. Repeat fifteen times.
Exercise 4
Stand erect, with the arms hanging naturally at the sides;
Lesson II—Fig. 4.
grasp the bells firmly,
flex the muscles, and draw the arms upward and backward, bending slightly forward, and endeavor to force the shoulders as far backward as possible (Fig. 5). Use all the strength you possess in making this movement. Repeat twenty to thirty times.
Lesson II—Fig. 5.
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