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ten to fifteen times with each leg, using them alter­nately.
Exercises 14, 15, and 16 are recommended to women suffering from vari­ous forms of female weak­ness. In such cases, the exercises should be taken on a lounge or platform, where the feet can be ele-
Fig. 20.
vated ten to twelve inches higher than the head.
Exercise 17
! Assume the position shown in Figure 21, with the body
resting easily on the floor, toes touching floor, hands placed
firmly on floor directly
under each shoulder,
finger tips touching,
arms at right angles to
the body. Straighten
arms and legs simulta­neously until body is
lifted clear of the floor,
and supported on the
Fig. 21.
hands and toes only,
as in Figure 22. Repeat until tired. This is a trying move-
ment, and if you find it too strenuous at the start, begin by lifting the upper part of the body only, allowing it to bend at waist, and gradually accustom yourself to the move-
Fig. 22.
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