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32 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
Haggard) refused to carry out their wishes, and the
family for a while had -------- -------- (byDickens),
instead of having their--------------------(by Dickens)
realised. Her most intimate friend was a girl by the
name of----------- (by Rider Haggard). As they both
had some artistic ability they decided to keep a--------
-------- (by Irving). This afforded them much amuse­ment, as it did also for a young man to whom they often
showed it, and whom they often styled---------------------
(by Dickens). However, our heroine became suspicious that the young man was more attentive to the friend
than to her, and so began to play------------------(by
J. Fenimore Cooper) upon him. ---------------- —
---------------(by Charles Reade), and you can under­stand how he felt! Her worst fears were realised, for she saw the young man give her friend---------------------
-------- (by Thackeray), and heard the young lady give
permission to call in ----- ----------- -------------- (by
Barrie). As they lived in a seaport town, the couple
took one of the----------------------------------------------
■----------- (by Beatrice Harraden) and started-----------
----- (by Charles Kingsley). Meanwhile, the parents of
our heroine were compelled to keep an--------------------
----------- (by Dickens) for a livelihood and toil from
----------- (by Haggard) till night, and finally return to
their native ----------- (by Shakespeare). The girl was
often — ----------- -------- (by Harraden), but one
evening she heard some one at her window singing
----------------------------------------(by Tennyson). She
went, and being very much taken with the singer, it was not long until a happy marriage put an end to all her woes. She was perhaps the fonder of the two, but
he afterwards -------- —------------------------- --------
(by E. P. Roe).
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