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With Pen and Pencil                        51
tory. Two cardboard letters—"N A" (National Acad­emy)—may be bestowed upon the successful artist.
By the marks or pin-holes, using one for the head, two for the hands and two for the feet, the position of the figures is determined by the way in which the grains of rice happen to fall.
It makes the problem easier if ten grains of rice are used, in which case a group of two figures must be made.
Another way of playing the game is to take as many sheets of paper as there are players and lay them all together evenly. On the top sheet scatter the kernels of rice and wherever they fall mark the spots and then with a stout needle prick holes through all the sheets of paper just where the dots are on the top sheet. At the holes in each sheet of paper make dots with a pencil, and dis­tribute the sheets.
This game doubtless originated in the marked changes within a few years in the significance of many words heretofore regarded as familiar and without question. The requirements for the game are cards corresponding in number to the players, and down the left side of these, two dozen words or more are written, selected as doubt­ful or confusing in exact definition. Pencils are pro­vided, and (without conference) the players write oppo­site each word what they decide to be its meaning. The cards are then collected and compared with correct definitions in accordance with the best and latest author­ities. It is sufficient to say that the result is surprising. If the first contest has been enjoyed, a second one may be concerned with the pronunciation of words. In the same way, words of disputed or uncertain pronunciation are written upon cards, and each player reads his list
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