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With Pen and Pencil                          53
This is a variation of the old game of Consequences, but its more personal nature enhances its interest. The players are seated at a table, provided with pencils and paper, and asked by the leader, or secretary, as he is called, to write their own names at the top of the sheet and fold them over so as to conceal them.
He then collects the papers and distributes them, with the order, "Write a character." The players obediently address themselves to writing the description of an imaginary character, good or bad.
The secretary again collects the papers, distributes them, and directs their recipients to describe the past of the unknown person whose name is hidden at the top of the sheet. Then follows the order to describe the person's present, future, fate or fortune—or anything that the leader may direct.
The papers are finally collected and read aloud.
A list of questions should be written in small books similar to cards and furnished with tiny pencils on tasselled cords. The cover may bear the title in gilt leU tering, or two hearts transfixed by an arrow in the shape of a pen, from which gory drops of ink are falling.
The hostess explains that the correct answers to the questions are the titles of well-known books, to be writ­ten on the page opposite, and at the foot of the page the writer signs his or her name.
The contest, though not new, has the advantage that it may be varied ad infinitum, using other book-titles. A prize is usually given to the woman who has been the most successful in answering the questions, and one to
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