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66 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
in truth I am an ill climber, and the tree is passing high.' And therewith he alights, but prays the lady to come down and unarm him, which she blithly does. With might and force he climbs up to the falcon, ties the lune to a rotten bough and throws the hawk down with it. When he has received the lady's thanks he resumes his armour and rides away, but he carries more away with him than he brought, and the maiden loses more than the worth of the hawk she received, for verily he takes with him the heart that has escaped the lady's keeping even as had the bird."
It probably will not take the players very long to discover that such doings relate only to the times "When Knighthood was in Flower.'*
From among the players two captains are chosen, who then proceed to select a following, until the company is equally divided. They either stand in two lines or sit in chairs facing each other. It is a matter of agreement, or toss-up or card-matching to decide which captain shall begin the game, which he does by asking a question and then slowly counting ten. Before he has finished count­ing, the captain of the opposition must answer. If his reply be correct he puts a question to the second player in the ranks of his opponents, who questions in his turn, and so on. If any player fail to answer or makes an incorrect reply, he or she drops out. The interest is at its height when two contestants only are left on the field and the rest form an audience.
The game is adapted to questions on any subject—and may be the source of much valuable information, if the hostess, leader, or mother, takes the trouble, m advance of the playing of the game, to collect questions that shall
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