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Progressive Games                         143
At the next four tables they were to guess the names of cities of the United States, "buried" in the following sentences, written upon papers folded into cocked hats—a tri-colour rosette painted on the side of each:
1.  "He walks with a calm, dignified air."
2.  "In hottest August, inertia seizes one."
3.  " Either must the arm be sinewy, or knee-joint limber."
4.  "For ailment stomachic, a good laugh is the best medicine."
5.  "We played blind-man's-buff a long time last night."
6.  "The religion of the Hindu, Luther carefully investigated."
7.  "My burden verily is greater than I can bear."
8.  "In setting the stove, make the zinc level and straight."
9.  " You may eat scrambled eggs or omelette."
10.  "With great pomp, aristocracy takes its airing in the park."
11.  "Once under the matrimonial ban, you cannot escape."
12.  "To a bargain sale, men never go." The answers:
1.  Ithaca.                                   7. Denver.
2.  St. Augustine.                      8. Cleveland.
3.  New York.                           9. Rome.
4.  Chicago.                               10. Paris.
5.  Buffalo.                               11. Albany.
6.  Duluth.                                12. Salem.
At the third table they were asked to answer punning questions on the common abbreviations of the names of the States. These were written on booklets con-
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