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Card Games                                 155
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the Gardener's dog 'Trip'"; and the Two, "Spade, the Gardener's watering-cart.''
The object of the game is to get as many "books" as possible. A book consists of the five cards of any suit.
Each person asks of any player the card that he needs toward completing his book. If he does not get it, his turn is over, but if he succeeds in obtaining it he has the privilege of asking for others. If he neglects to call the card he desires by its exact name, or if he does not say "Thank you" before touching it, the card is forfeited to the first person who, on seeing his mistake, shouts "Muggins."
If a player finds himself with no more cards in his hand, he is what is called a "Ghost" and any one speak­ing to him becomes a Ghost.
A Ghost's object, therefore, is to try to get somebody to speak to him, for if he succeeds he shouts "Muggins," and obtains the cards of the person who has just answered him, and that person becomes a Ghost in his stead, but a Ghost may carry on a conversation with another Ghost and pays no forfeit.
Place the cards—Ace, King, Queen, and Knave, each of a different suit—in the centre of the table, from a pack not otherwise used in the game. From another pack take out the Four, Six, and Eight-spot of Diamonds, which are set aside and not used. Give to each person two or three dozen counters, and have at hand a pool, or bank, from which to borrow when any player becomes bankrupt of counters—the number being strictly ac­counted for at the end of the game.
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