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out of the game. This rule is inexorable, for so is the winning side determined, the game progressing until all of one side have had to retire from the conflict.
This is a variation of the old game of stage-coach, and few merrier games can be found for a large party of children.
Around the room, from which all extra chairs have been removed, all the players seat themselves in a wide circleŚwith the exception of the "Postman" and the "Postmaster."
The former is blindfolded and stands in the middle of the room, while the Postmaster gives the name of some city or town to each player, with careful instructions to answer to it when called.
He then takes his place by the side of the Postman and calls out, for example, "A man sent a letter to his sweetheart from New York to Chicago." The players to whom the names of these cities have been assigned hasten to change places. As he hears them pass him, the Postman tries to catch one of them, or seat himself in one of the vacated chairs, guided by the sound of the footsteps coming from the direction of their places.
If he is successful, the victim of the capture, or the one whose seat he has taken, must submit to be blindfolded and take his turn as Postman.
The Postmaster will find it a help to have a written list of cities for reference, and especially is it useful when he has to call out the names of various places in quick succession.
He must call them so as to make a merry scrimmage and exciting bustle, but not so rapidly as to create so much confusion that the attention of the players is
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