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One player personates Tom Tiddler, who is supposed to be the owner of vast stores of buried treasure on his ground—a tract set definitely apart and allotted to him. The other players invade his territory, and, as tres­passers, he tries to catch them. They shout in tones meant to be tantalising,
"Here I stand on Tom Tiddler's land, Picking up gold and silver," or
"I'm on Dixie's land, Dixie can't catch me!" If Tom or Dixie can touch any trespasser, while on his land, that player becomes the defender. Some special line should define the boundary to forestall any possible dispute about the landmark.
All the company, with one exception, choose partners and sit in a double line, face to face, the partners oppo­site one another. The odd player is called the Lawyer, and asks questions of any one of the players, but the person addressed must not answer, but leave the reply to be made by his or her partner opposite. If the Lawyer be alert and put his questions rapidly, first on one side and then on another, the players will become confused, and it will be easy to catch them. If the per­son spoken to makes answer, or the partner fails to do so, the one in fault must take the Lawyer's place.
The players stand in a circle, each with a bagful of beans, from which he takes some in hand. One then addresses his left-hand neighbour, saying—
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