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198 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
be extended where there are more. The game is played with balls and hockey-sticks.
1.  Before beginning the game, the players are drawn up in line on either side, a captain with each team.
2.  To commence the game, the ball is placed in the centre of the space between the side-lines and the two captains.
3.  The two captains then first touch the ground with the heads of their clubs, each on his own side of the ball, and then cross their clubs so as to meet and touch above the ball twice before striking.
4.  The ball is "in play" from the moment that it has been struck off until (1) it has passed through the goal, or (2) has passed the line of the goal, but not between the posts, or (3) has crossed either of the boundary side-lines, or (4) such error has been com­mitted as to cause a free hit to be allowed—when it is "out of play."
5.  When the ball is "in play," the players, each on his own side, shall endeavour to "pass on" the ball from one to another, and so to the goal-striker, who tries to drive the ball under the chain between his oppo­nents' goal-posts and thus to score a "goal."
The player nearest his opponents' goal on each side is termed the "goal-striker," while the one nearest his own goal on either side is the "goal-keeper."
6.  When in the course of the game the ball is struck so as to cross either side-line, it shall be returned to the centre of the field and opposite the point where it went out. And (1) if the ball was touched last by the club of one of the opposite side, there shall be a "bully," i.e., play shall be recommenced from that point by the two nearest opponents, as in the original strike-off. (2) But
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