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Games for Sunday Evenings                 217
The following doggerel was the result of an attempt at an impromptu alphabet given viva voce by the players in turn—quoted for the encouragement of feeble­minded folk:
A stands for Abigail, noble and fair.
B is for Balaam, whose ass had a scare.
C is for Cain, who his brother did slay.
D is for Daniel, prayerful three times a day.
E for Elijah, who by ravens was fed.
F is for Felix, who trembled with dread.
G is for Gideon, who had a famed band.
H is for Haman, both tricky and bland.
I is for Ichabod, last of his race.
J is for Jezebel, who painted her face.
K is Karenhoppock, a daughter of Job.
L is for Levi, who wore the priest's robe.
M is for Mary, who had seven devils.
N is for Noah, who escaped many evils.
O for Onesimus, who did run away.
P for the Publican, who taught us to pray.
Q is the Queen, who came from the East.
R is for Reuben, whom Joseph did feast.
S is for Stephen, killed by a stone.
T is for Titus, of whom little is known.
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