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Games for Sunday Evenings                223
to the question that has fallen to his lot. If correct, according to the list of answers kept by the leader, he or she pins the bit of paper on coat-lapel or bodice. If un≠able to answer, or if the answer be wrong, it must be passed on, until some one is found who can give the right reply. The one who has the most "decorations" wins the game, andóbristling with paper slipsóthe victory is very apparent.
Another way is for two leaders to be chosen, who divide the company between them. Each leader in turn puts a question to the followers of his opponent, and at every failure to answer correctly the delinquent is lost to the side of his original allegiance and must join the enemy.
In order to divide the questions, one leader might choose those marked by the even numbers and the other those marked by the uneven.
At the close of the game, curiosity is often felt and expressed about some question or answer, which leads to " looking it up " in the Bible, which helps to familiarise the players with the book.
1.  Which were written first, the epistles or the gospels ?
2.  Who wrote the book of Acts?
3.  Which was the first book of the New Testament written ?
4.  Which was written firstóJohn's Gospel, or the Revelation ?
5.  Where was Tarshish?
6.  What were "the Isles"?
7.  What does the "God of Sabaoth" mean?
8.  What was the Talmud?
9.  What were the Targums?
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