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226 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
to the ancients. Jonah went there when commanded to go east to Ninevah.
6.  The islands of the Grecian Archipelago.
7.  The God of Hosts or Armies.
8.  The Talmud is a commentary on the Hebrew Scriptures, and eventually came to be regarded as quite as binding upon conduct.
9.  They were the Aramaic translations of the Hebrew Scriptures, also interpretations and paraphrases. Hebrew was a dead language in our Lord's time.
10.  The words mean "Light and Perfection." They were the sacred symbols worn "on the heart" of the High Priest. Some scholars suppose them to have been the twelve gems of the breastplate, others that they were two additional stones. Josephus says that they emitted rays—if God's response was favourable—when consulted as an oracle.
11.  "Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself," called the "royal law." James ii, 8.
12.  He was crucified with his head down, at his request, as unworthy to die like his Lord.
13.  St. James, the brother of John, beheaded at Herod's order. Acts xii, 2.
14.  Shortly after Nero's persecution of the Christ­ians, to divert from himself the blame of the firing of Rome, Paul was imprisoned, treated with great rigour, and finally led out beyond the walls of Rome on the road to Ostia, and beheaded.
15.  An apostle is a divinely accredited messenger. A disciple is a learner or follower. There were twelve Apostles, Paul taking the place of Judas; the other believers were called disciples.
16.  To feel regret is to remember with dissatisfaction or sorrow. Remorse is the anguish caused by a sense
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