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270 The Book of Indoor and Outdoor Games
something that suggests a hat or cane, or legs that fork.
A woman by a light-coloured leaf that spreads to indicate a gown, or with something atop that may be imagined to represent a woman's headgear.
A figure in kneeling posture denotes an offer of marriage, either made or received. Groups of dots near means acceptance. If these are absent, the suit will be re­jected.
One figure alone, surrotmded by a group 0} grounds, promises a lover or sweetheart.
A figure alone, with no grounds near, means single blessedness at the time indicated by its position in the, cup.
A heart promises a love affair and much pleasure.
Two hearts, a marriage.
Two figures near together, with no grounds very near, means an engagement.
Three figures together is the sign of a speedy marriage.
A love letter is indicated by four dots forming a square. If near the top, it will be received in a short time. An extra dot within the square, or just outside, means good news; many small specks about it, bad news.
Three dots in a group promises the granting of your wish, as does a triangle.
A number of tea-leaves, short and tall, means a company of great and small.
Crosses, adversity.
A ring, a happy marriage.
Dots in form of a parallelogram, sickness or bad news.
Fine dots reaching in a long line, a journey. Many dots clustered about the end of the line means many new friends and pleasures.
An anchor, if at the bottom of the cup, means success:
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