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Fortune Telling                              281
all the hand, considered by chiromancy as the best index to character.
It symbolises the will—the inner or moral sense that we oppose to our inclinations and to the allurements of our instinct and senses. Very young infants keep their hands shut with the fingers above the thumb, but as the mind develops the thumb shuts over the fingers. In the Roman circus, if the thumbs were raised, the prostrate gladiator received his life; if they were re­versed, his death was decided.
According to the form, size, and general appearance of the thumb, the weight of the mental and physical strength is measured; and, above all, the degree of will-power and self-control.
The first phalange of the thumb—that which has the nail—represents the will, invention, initiation.
The second is the sign of logic, of perception, judg­ment, reason.
The mount at the inner base of the thumb (say the chiromants, who have given to it the name of the mount of Venus), the greater or less power of the senses —particularly that 'of love. Three worlds are repre­sented—spiritual, mental, physical.
If the first phalange of the thumb be longer than the second one, the will power and ideas will be little affected by others, aggressive, executive, self-reliant. If the second phalange is long and well formed, it shows good reasoning powers. If of equal length, well balanced nature, self-control.
People with small thumbs are governed by the heart; are more at ease in an atmosphere of sentiment than in one of thought—are idealists.
People with large thumbs are governed by the head, and breathe more freely in an atmosphere
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