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Fortune Telling                              283
Long vails do not indicate physical strength; rather, threatening delicacy of the chest. Bluish at the base show bad circulation. Persons with long nails are more impressionable, gentler in temper, less critical, than short ones, but they are inclined to be visionary and to shirk what is distasteful.
Short Nails.—People with short nails are more inclined to suffer from heart trouble. Spots all over them show a weak, nervous system. Those with short nails are critical, analytical, and practical. Nails short from biting show a nervous system somewhat impaired.
Broad nails indicate a rather quarrelsome disposition.
Narrow nails show spinal weakness, particularly if curved.
Pink, well-formed nails are an indication of a refined nature.
Long and Fluted.—They reveal weak lungs.
Short and Ugly.—Pugnacity.
There are seven planets or stars that are supposed to have an influence on the destiny of man; so also each has its significant position on the hand.
At the root or base of the fingers and thumb are cer­tain elevations called "mounts," each of which corre­sponds to a planet from which it is supposed to receive favourable or unfavourable influence.
These influences are:
Jupiter.—Noble ambition or foolish pride.
Saturn.—Good or bad fortune.
Apollo or the Sun.—Love of art or of riches.
Mercury.—Cunning, or activity, industry, prompti­tude.
Mars.—Self-government or cruelty.
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