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Fortune Telling                             291
When the line stops at that of the head, it denotes that the judgment is at fault and will influence one's career. When stopped at the heart-line, the career will be ruined through the affections.
Twisted, it denotes ill-luck.
An island in the line indicates some scandal.
A break in the line means losses or misfortunes.
There are people who have no line of destiny—it is a sign of a life of insignificance. The Esquimaux generally lack this line, from their vegetative existence.
If the line of fate should go or send branches to any mount other than that of Saturn, it promises success in the qualities of that mount.
A straight line, coloured at the end, promises a happy old age.
If the line is straight and full of branches which rise high up, it is passing from poverty to riches.
Bright-coloured lines betray quick temper and ardent natures. Very few lines coming outward denote a nature very self-contained.
The Head-Line.—The line of the head relates to the mentality of the subject, the intellectual development, and the diseases that may affect the brain.
It may rise from three points—from the mount of Jupiter, the line of life, or from the mount of Mars, just inside the life-line, and it crosses the palm. A long line rising from Jupiter indicates great brain-power, especially if near the life-line. Separated from it, a loss of capacity and balance is shown.
A head-line rising on the mount of Mars indicates a worrying nature, irritable, and quarrelsome.
When the line of head is straight, clear, and even it denotes practical common sense and a love for material things more than the imaginative.
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