The Light Princess And Other Stories Classic Fairytales

Includes The Giant's Heart & the Shadows, By George MacDonald

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84                    THE LIGHT PRINCESS.
When he had acquainted himself with all the particulars, he sat down and thought,—
'•She will die if I don't do it, and life would be nothing to me without her ; so I shall lose nothing by doing it. And life will be as pleasant to her as ever, for she will soon forget me. And there will be so much more beauty and happiness in the world!—To be sure, I shall not see it." (Here the poor prince gave a sigh.) "How lovely the lake will be in the moonlight, with that glorious creature sporting in it like a wild goddess! —It is rather hard to be drowned by inches, though. Let me see—that will be seventy inches of me to drown." (Here he tried to laugh, but could not.) "The longer the better, however," he resumed; "for can I not bargain that the princess shall be beside me all the time ? So I shall see her once more, kiss her perhaps,—who knows ? and die looking in her eyes. It will be
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