The Light Princess And Other Stories Classic Fairytales

Includes The Giant's Heart & the Shadows, By George MacDonald

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96                   THE LIGHT PRINCESS.
" Sleep then, darling, and don't mind me," said the poor prince.
" Really, you are very good," replied the prin­cess. "I think I will go to sleep again."
"Just give me a glass of wine and a biscuit first," said the prince, very humbly.
"With all my heart," said the princess, and gaped as she said it.
She got the wine and the biscuit, however, and leaning over the side of the boat towards him, was compelled to look at him.
" Why, prince," she said, "you don't look well! Are you sure you don't mind it ? "
"Not a bit," answered he, feeling very faint indeed. " Only I shall die before it is of any use to you, unless I have something to eat."
"There, then," said she, holding out the wine to him.
"Ah! you must feed me. I dare not move
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