The Light Princess And Other Stories Classic Fairytales

Includes The Giant's Heart & the Shadows, By George MacDonald

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Dancing now like demons ;
Lying like the dead ; Gladly would we stop it, And go down to bed! But our work we still must do, Shadow men, as well as you.
Rooting, rising, shooting,
Heaving, sinking, creeping ; Hid in corners crooning ;
Splitting, poking, leaping, Gathering, towering, swooning. When we're lurking, Yet we're working, For our labour we must do, Shadow men, as well as you. Flicker, flacker, fling, fluff! Swing, swang, swingle, swuff!'
" 'How thick the Shadows are! • said one of the children—a thoughtful little girl.
"'I wonder where they come from,' said a dreamy little boy.
11 ' I think they grow out of the wall,' answered the little girl; ' for I have been watching them
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