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THE LITTLE ONES                           &?
us. Very few of them believe we are anywhere. They say Nonsense!—Look at little Blunty: he is eating one of their apples! He will be the next! Oh! oh ! he will soon be big and bad and ugly, and not know it!'
The child stood by himself a little way off, eating an apple nearly as big as his head. I had often thought he did not look so good as the rest; now he looked disgusting.
' I will take the horrid thing from him ! ' I cried.
' It is no use,' she answered sadly. ' We have done all we can, and it is too late! We were afraid he was growing, for he would not believe anything told him ; but when he refused to share his berries, and said he had gathered them for himself, then we knew it! He is a glutton, and there is no hope of him.—It makes me sick to see him eat!'
' Could not some of the boys watch him, and not let him touch the poisonous things ?'
' He may have them if he will: it is all one—to eat the apples, and to be a boy that would eat them if he could. No ; he must go to the giants! He belongs to them. You can see how much bigger he is than when first you came ! He is bigger since yesterday.'
' He is as like that hideous green lump in his hand as boy could look !'
' It suits what he is making himself.'
' His head and it might change places !'
' Perhaps they do !'
' Does he want to be a giant ? '
' He hates the giants, but he is making himself one all the same : he likes their apples ! Oh baby, baby, he was just such a darling as you when we found him!'
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