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the bad giants see you hurt, they will all trample on you.'
' I think I must,' I answered.
' Go and grow strong, and come again,' they said.
' I will,' I replied—and sat down.
' Indeed you must go at once !' whispered Lona, who had been supporting me, and now knelt beside me.
'I listened at his door,' said one of the bigger boys, ' and heard the bad giant say to his wife that he had found you idle, talking to a lot of moles and squirrels, and when he beat you, they tried to kill him. He said you were a wizard, and they must knock you, or they would have no peace.'
' I will go at once,' I said, and come back as soon as I have found out what is wanted to make you bigger and stronger.'
' We don't want to be bigger,' they answered, looking very serious. 'We won't grow bad giants!—We are strong now ; you don't know how much strong !'
It was no use holding them out a prospect that had not any attraction for them ! I said nothing more, but rose and moved slowly up the slope of the valley. At once they formed themselves into a long procession; some led the way, some walked with me helping me, and the rest followed. They kept feeding me as we went.
' You are broken,' they said, and much red juice has run out of you : put some in.'
When we reached the edge of the valley, there was the moon just lifting her forehead over the rim of the horizon.
' She has come to take care of you, and show you the way,' said Lona.
I questioned those about me as we walked, and
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