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dead: there was not a sign of decay about her ! But then what had the slow wasting of life left of her to decay ?
Could she be still alive ? Might she not ? "What if she were! Things went very strangely in this strange world ! Even then there would be little chance of bringing her back, but I must know she was dead before I buried her !
As I left the forest-hall, I had spied in the door­way a bunch of ripe grapes, and brought it with me, eating as I came : a few were yet left on the stalk, and their juice might possibly revive her! Anyhow it was all I had with which to attempt her rescue! The mouth was happily a little open; but the head was in such an awkward position that, to move the body, I passed my arm under the shoulder on which it lay, when I found the pine-needles beneath it warm : she could not have been any time dead, and might still be alive, though I could discern no motion of the heart, or any indication that she breathed! One of her hands was clenched hard, apparently inclosing some­thing small. I squeezed a grape into her mouth, but no swallowing followed.
To do for her all I could, I spread a thick layer of pine-needles and dry leaves, laid one of my garments over it, warm from my body, lifted her upon it, and covered her with my clothes and a great heap of leaves: I would save the little warmth left in her, hoping an increase to it when the sun came back. Then I tried another grape, but could perceive no slightest movement of mouth or throat.
Doubt,' I said to myself, may be a poor en­couragement to do anything, but it is a bad reason for
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