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A WOMAN OF BULIKA                     165
'I wish I were at home ! ' she sobbed. ' The prin≠cess returned only last night, and there is the leopardess out already ! How am I to get into the house ? It is me she is after, I know! She will be lying at my own door, watching for me !óBut I am a fool to talk to a stranger ! '
' All strangers are not bad ! ' I said. ' The beast shall not touch you till she has done with me, and by that time you will be in. You are happy to have a house to go to ! What a terrible wind it is !'
' Take me home safe, and I will give you shelter from it,' she rejoined. ' But we must wait a little !'
I asked her many questions. She told me the people never did anything except dig for precious stones in their cellars. They were rich, and had everything made for them in other towns.
' Why ? ' I asked.
t Because it is a disgrace to work,' she answered. ' Everybody in Bulika knows that! '
I asked how they were rich if none of them earned money. She replied that their ancestors had saved for them, and they never spent. When they wanted money they sold a few of their gems.
I But there must be some poor!' I said.
'I suppose there must be, but we never think of such people. When one goes poor, we forget him. That is how we keep rich. We mean to be rich always.'
'But when you have dug up all your precious stones and sold them, you will have to spend your money, and one day you will have none left!'
' We have so many, and there are so many still in the ground, that that day will never come,' she replied.
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