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I RUBBED the water out of my eyes, and saw the raven on the edge of a huge stone basin. With the cold light of the dawn reflected from his glossy plumage, he stood calmly looking down upon me. I lay on my back in water, above which, leaning on my elbows, I just lifted my face. I was in the basin of the large fountain constructed by my father in the middle of the lawn. High over me glimmered the thick, steel-shiny stalk, shooting, with a torrent uprush, a hundred feet into the air, to spread in a blossom of foam.
Nettled at the coolness of the raven's remark,
' You told me nothing !' I said.
' I told you to do nothing any one you distrusted asked you! '
' Tut! how was mortal to remember that ? '
' You will not forget the consequences of having forgotten it!' replied Mr. Raven, who stood leaning over the margin of the basin, and stretched his hand across to me.
I took it, and was immediately beside him on the lawn, dripping and streaming.
' You must change your clothes at once !' he said. 1A wetting does not signify where you come fromó
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