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ADAM EXPLAINS                           213
' You need not run,' he called ; ' you cannot overtake her. This is our way.'
As he spoke he turned in the opposite direction.
' She has more magic at her finger-ends than I care to know ! ' he added quietly.
' We must do what we can! ' I said, and ran on, but sickening as I saw her dwindle in the distance, stopped, and went back to him.
' Doubtless we must,' he answered, 'But my wife has warned Mara, and she will do her part; you must sleep first: you have given me your word !'
Nor do I mean to break it. But surely sleep is not the first thing ! Surely, surely, action takes pre­cedence of repose!'
' A man can do nothing he is not fit to do.—See ! did I not tell you Mara would do her part ? '
I looked whither he pointed, and saw a white spot moving at an acute angle with the line taken by the leopardess.
' There she is !' he cried. ' The spotted leopardess is strong, but the white is stronger! '
I have seen them fight: the combat did not appear decisive as to that.'
' How should such eyes tell which have never slept ? The princess did not confess herself beaten—that she never does—but she fled ! When she confesses her last hope gone, that it is indeed hard to kick against the goad, then will her day begin to dawn ! Come ; come ' He who cannot act must make haste to sleep !'
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