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THAT NIGHT                            277
something else than sound.—I cannot shape the thing further: sounds they were not, yet they were words to me.
11 will not,' she said. ' I will be myself and not another ! '
' Alas, you are another now, not yourself! Will you not be your real self ?'
I will be what I mean myself now.'
'If you were restored, would you not make what amends you could for the misery you have caused ? ' ' I would do after my nature.'
You do not know it: your nature is good, and you do evil! '
'I will do as my Self pleases—as my Self desires.' 'You will do as the Shadow, overshadowing your Self inclines you ? '
' I will do what I will to do.'
' You have killed your daughter, Lilith !'
' I have killed thousands. She is my own !' ' She was never yours as you are another's.'
'1 am not another's ; I am my own. and my daughter is mine.'
I Then, alas, your hour is come ! '
'I  care not. I am what I am; no one can take from me myself ! '
' You are not the Self you imagine.'
' So long as I feel myself what it pleases me to think myself, I care not. I am content to be to myself what I would be. What I choose to seem to myself makes me what I am. My own thought makes me me ; my own thought of myself is me. Another shall not make me !'
' But another has made you, and can compel you to see what you have made yourself. You will not be able
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