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much longer to look to yourself anything but what he sees you! You will not much longer have satisfaction in the thought of yourself. At this moment you are aware of the coming change ! '
' No one ever made me. I defy that Power to un­make me from a free woman ! You are his slave, and I defy you! You may be able to torture me—I do not know, but you shall not compel me to anything against my will! '
' Such a compulsion would be without value. But there is a light that goes deeper than the will, a light that lights up the darkness behind it: that light can change your will, can make it truly yours and not another's—not the Shadow's. Into the created can pour itself the creating will, and so redeem it!'
I That light shall not enter me : I hate it!—Begone, slave! '
'I am no slave, for I love that light, and will with the deeper will which created mine. There is no slave but the creature that wills against its creator. Who is a slave but her who cries, " I am free," yet cannot cease to exist!'
I You speak foolishness from a cowering heart! You imagine me given over to you : I defy you ! I hold myself against you! What I choose to be, you cannot change. I will not be what you think me—what you say I am !'
'I am sorry : you must suffer!' But be free ! '
' She alone is free who would make free; she loves not freedom who would enslave : she is herself a slave. Every life, every will, every heart that came within your ken, you have sought to subdue : you are the slave
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